Sun Safety

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Most people living in Australia have a skin type which is not suitable for the intense sun in this country.

Damage to our health caused by the sun (UVA, UVB radiation) is not just about getting sun burnt (red skin). The effect responsible for skin cancer and other health problems is often not felt and may not be seen immediately.

Intense UV radiation causes direct harm to our skin and eyes and other medical conditions can be made worse by UV exposure. UVB causes skin cancer however brief UVB exposure is essential for Vitamin D production. In fact, UVB is crucial for our survival in the absence of other dietary sources of Vitamin D.

UV radiation can be a threat to our life or help to sustain us. It is a matter of getting the balance right!

There is a need for good Sun Safety education. Nature does not adjust to us - we have to adjust to nature! We have to learn, how to live with the conditions given here in Australia or wherever we go.

Sun Safety

At Level 1 Melanoma, we have a Sun Safety education program for individuals, groups, communities, workplaces, schools etc.

We are happy to discuss your sun related questions like sun protection, UV radiation, sunscreens, Vitamin D etc.


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