Surgical Treatments

Biopsies maybe required to confirm a histologic diagnosis prior to complete excision or topical treatments like PDT. This is a simple sampling without complete removal and sutures are generally not required. When the query is melanoma, any suspicious lesions should preferably be removed completely for testing.

Most excisions required can be performed with local anaesthetic in our clinic. Occasionally due to the size, location or special requirements, referral to a plastic or dermatological surgeon maybe recommended. With monitoring we endeavour to keep excision numbers to a minimum. When excisions are required, techniques that minimise external suturing are employed so that disfiguring scars are avoided. These techniques require more time to perform but the wound appearance.

Occasionally skin conserving techniques for large tumours or special sites are used. These "flap" repairs are more time consuming to perform but minimise the removal of non diseased skin.

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