Skin Ultrasound in Skin Cancer Practice

Melanoma Ultrasound

We also have high frequency ultrasound available that is designed specifically to examine up to 10mm deep into the skin. The depth and extent of any tumours can be visualised prior to surgery and the results of surgery and topical therapies can be monitored over time. This is an additional service which is rebated by Medicare.

How does it work?

Ultrasound Measurement

High Frequency Unltrasound allows a view not of the living surface, but the living interior. The HFUS for skin examination is different to other US devices because it uses the smallest sound waves possible, about million times smaller than audible sound. As a consequence only the surface centimeter can be examined.
Non invasive examinations with ultrasound can distinguish between elements of the body according to compressibility. Features which are hard reflect sound and display as white whilst fluids conduct sound away and appear black. The differences between the composition of normal and altered skin tissue assists diagnosis and assessment of extent prior to surgery. Monitoring for changes not visible on the surface becomes possible.

Similar to other ultrasound examinations, gel must be applied. There is no perception other than that of the applied probe.
Currently the images are displayed as a vertical slices. With special software virtual image slices deep to the flat surface traversed by the probe are possible, revealing the lesion at depth in relation to surrounds.